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How do I discipline my puppy?

We love our pets, but they need to be corrected when they are naughty. Here's how you can teach your dog the do's and don't's of the household (and beyond) without hurting them.

It's crucial to train your dog from a young age, before they get used to their bad habits. A young puppy's actions can even threaten people or property, but we should avoid harsh punishment. A loud clap from your hands or a loud shake from a shaker can intimidate your dog when it exhibits undesirable behaviour.

'Remote punishment' is even more effective. Examples of remote punishment include spraying your dog with a water spraying bottle or throwing an object in your dog's direction, which will startle him or her. Refrain from hitting your puppy - make a loud noise instead. The puppy will gradually associate these punishments with the undesirable behaviour, instead of associating it with you. We wish you the best in training an obedient and well-behaved dog!

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