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New puppy owners need to know these important tips

You’ve just been acquainted with the dog of your dreams and you can’t wait to bring him or her home! As a new pet owner, you want to be the best pet owner that you can possibly be, which is why we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide for you. What should you look out for? What are the important do’s and don’t’s? We answer all your burning questions below.

Upon arrival at your home

· Take your new puppy to the area where he or she will be moving around the most to sniff the ground and to get comfortable with the surroundings.

· Let them move about freely to get comfortable. Even if they take some time to get used to their new environment, it’s normal and nothing to worry.

· Allocate water points and toilet areas, bring your puppy there so that he or she knows and gets familiar with these areas.

· If your puppy makes a mess, it’s okay. Just try to guide them to the toilet area allocated for them. When they finally figure it out, don’t forget to reward them!

· Remember that they will take some time, so be patient and treat them if they have done a good job.

The first night

· Decide on which room your dog will be sleeping in. It’s best to find a place that’s as quiet as possible and to make sure that your puppy has a nice comfortable bed.

· You pup has been sleeping among other puppies, so make lumps under the blanket and scatter some stuffed toys around the bed to make them feel more secure and less lonely.

· A radio playing soft and soothing music may help. Newspapers should be placed by the bed area in case of any overnight accidents, until your pup is toilet trained.

· Settle your pup down just before you go to bed yourself – any noticeable activity outside the room after your puppy is settled may alert them and cause them to try to get your attention.

· Be patient with them if they are not sleeping and start to whine. They are frightened and need some time to adjust to their new environment.

· Don’t be afraid to make a bed alongside yours to keep your puppy.

· Remember that your puppy is only a baby and is in a new environment and new company.

· Everything takes time and patience.

Recommended Care for Your Puppy

A puppy’s diet is everything; it’s the foundation for holistic growth. We at Pawsome believe in giving dogs a mixture of premium pet food mixed with raw food. Feed your dog three times a day. Size these portions according to the size of the puppy.

Contact Pawsome if you are unsure about anything. We have a feeding guide that helps owners understand the food portions required by dogs of various sizes. Every puppy is different, so monitor your puppy and be flexible. Treats can be given at any time, depending on your personal training and rewarding process.

Puppies need easy access to water at all times. Don’t allow them to go dehydrated. Keep changing their water every day or every half a day, and look out for dirty water or the breeding of parasites of any sort.

Puppies should be showered once a week. You should also wipe them down or shower them if they get too dirty. Remember to blow dry them after baths. Be mindful of water getting in to your puppy’s ears, as it can cause ear issues and encourage bacteria to grow.

Puppies should be brushed 2 to 4 times a Week, depending on the coat of your puppy.

Brushing your puppy is a great way to identify health issues. Always remember to get the right tools for the job. Normal combs should not be used on dogs.

A healthy puppy is a happy puppy. Remember to give them vitamins, use probiotics on their ears and ear cleaners on their eyes. Follow the recommendations stated below and the direction of usage.

If you are unsure, feel free to contact us. Come to Pawsome for a quick one-on-one training session with our petcare professionals on how to care for your dog, from grooming to showering. Send your puppy to a professional groomer at least once a month. Pawsome gives discounts to puppy owners.

This is the tender loving care that your dog needs. Consult a petcare professional if you have any questions. You can also safeguard the health of your pup by using these items:

1. Multi vitamins – Once a day

2. Probiotics – Once a day, 30 minutes before food, preferably given on an empty stomach

3. Plaque cleaner – Daily usage, put in puppy’s drinking water

4. Shampoo – When showering your puppy

5. Toothpaste – Twice a week when brushing puppy’s teeth

6. Eye cleaner – Twice a week

7. Ear cleaner – Twice a week

8. Flea and tick medicines – Only necessary if you spot a flea or tick on puppy’s body

More about these items:


Multi-vitamins are vital to your dog’s well-being. Just like humans, dogs too can encounter vitamin or mineral deficiencies in their bodies. Even the most ideal diets may not be sufficient for some dogs. Feeding a multi-vitamin supplement is useful, as it strengthens and improves your dog’s overall immune system. It improves their energy levals and helps them enjoy benefits such as growing a healthier and shinier coat. Dogs on multi-vitamins are more likely to enjoy all-round good health.


Dogs are prone to various bowel issues. Probiotics are great for dogs as they aid digestion and modulate the immune system. Probiotics can also positively impact chronic gastrointestinal abnormalities, obesity, liver disease, and mood and behaviour disorders. Feeding probiotics can reap rewards like a reduction in gas, improved breath, a reduction of allergy symptoms, a reduction in yeast-associated disorders, and help in regulating bowel function.

Eye Cleaner

Dogs are prone to eye infections and eye inflammation, which is why using an eye cleaner is beneficial to your dog. Eye cleaners can sooth even the most sensitive eyes. It is very beneficial in fighting eye infections, irritants caused by foreign particles and air pollution. Regular use will remove tear stains and slow down their formation.

Ear Cleaner

Ear infections are common issues faced by dogs. Applying a ear cleaner is important for your dog as it can improve your dog’s hearing. It will help them avoid ear infections and trapped water in the ear canal. It flushes out mites, ticks and other parasites that like to inhabit the ear. It also prevents itchiness and other discomfort in the ears.

Flea & Tick Medicines

A common problem, fleas and ticks can come from without or beyond the house. Symptoms include your dog’s constant scratching and visible discomfort. These parasites like your dog’s soft, warm fur and feed on dogs’ blood. Fleas and ticks can cause an array of health problems, from serious tick-borne illnesses to unpleasant allergic reactions, but can be eradicated by flea and tick medicine.

When you purchase a puppy from Pawsome, here’s what you can grab from our shelves

  1. Health certificate

  2. Food

  3. Multi-Vitamins

  4. Probiotics

  5. Eye cleaner

  6. Ear cleaner

  7. Shampoo

  8. Toothpaste

  9. Plaque Cleaner

  10. Grooming Combs/Tools

  11. Pee-Pad

  12. Pee-Pad Tray

  13. Bed

  14. Dog Leash

  15. Bowls

  16. Playpen

  17. Treats

  18. Toys

  19. Flea & Tick Solution

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