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What kinds of games do puppies enjoy?

Most new dog owners are excited to try new activities with their pups. You might ask, besides walking my pet, what else can we do together? Introducing your canine companion to new learning experiences and playing certain games with them can be highly beneficial to their growth and development, and also strengthen your dog-and-human relationship.

Playing with your new puppy during your first few weeks together is very important. You might notice your puppy trying to play with you or with toys (and various household items that it likes) in certain ways, such as 'stalking and pouncing'. They are refining their skills and hunting instincts, so encourage them as much as you can. If they happen to be wrecking a valuable household item, discipline them and teach them not to destroy it. Stalking and pouncing is crucial to their muscular development, so it's a good idea to set aside time to play 'stalk and pounce' with them. Your pup might find different ways of telling you that it wants to play similar games too, like 'chase' and 'fetch'.

If you don't have the luxury of time, let your puppy play stalk and pounce with toys. Give it different toys and it will eventually play 'stalk and pounce' with its favourite toy. Dogs can perceive a variety of items as toys, but might prefer items that are lightweight and moveable. Avoid giving them small items to play with, because you don't want your puppy swallowing its toy. Have fun playing and bonding with your little buddy!

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