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About Pawsome

We're committed to your happiness and the happiness of all the dogs that we care for.

Come meet your dream dog at Pawsome! Dogs don't belong in cages, which is why we encourage our puppies to roam around our open-concept store. Happy and stress-free puppies are more likely to enjoy good health in adulthood, which is why we are attentive to all our dogs' individual needs.


Pawsome's dog experts have been in this business for over 20 years and are dedicated to matching pups to animal lovers, who will be their forever friends.

Besides purchasing imported puppies, you can also treat your dog to an array of grooming services at Pawsome.

Our mission

Founded by passionate individuals with an array of expertise, Pawsome aims to raise the standard of pet acquisition. We make sure that every pup is placed in responsible hands because we are ardent advocates of responsible ownership. We share our knowledge and skills with our clients so that they will be well-equipped pet owners. We are dedicated to helping our clients in every aspect of pet care.

Our puppies are imported only from breeders who breed dogs ethnically and healthily. These breeders from around the world work closely with the animal authorities of their respective countries and states. They have strict quality checks in place and their dogs live on capacious farms. This helps their dogs enjoy active and healthy lives, and this is why our imported puppies rarely have health problems.

The Pawsome team flies to these countries regularly to inspect and pick these puppies. The best of their litters, our chosen puppies are all vaccinated and de-wormed before they are flown to Singapore. Pawsome specialises in importing unique dogs from across the globe. We want dog owners to love and cherish their dogs, and enjoy a special connection with these faithful canine companions.


Contact Us

320 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437101

+65 9844 0356

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